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How to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend After Months

Losing your girlfriend to another guy could be an emotional wreck. If she told you that she wanted to get back with her ex-boyfriend, the wording would trigger your frustration. This emotional anger would eat you up inside and unable to control yourself and you broke up with her. After a couple of months, you bumped into her on the street; she looked more beautiful than when you were dating. You were completely attracted to her and couldn't keep your eyes off her. But you knew she is still with her ex-boyfriend but not married.
Is it possible that you could get her back after you broke up with her several months ago? In what ways you could get her attention back?
Don't behave too jealously
Jealousy only makes an already broken relationship even worse. You should calm down and think about why your relationship didn't work and why you failed to another guy.
Leave her alone
If you have given a hint that you still love her and can't forget the good times when you were together. In this case, give her some time to think about the relationship. If you had a great relationship and she can't forget it as you do, after you ran into each other, she will recall those good memories. You might text her but don't behave too demandingly, you should always behave like a gentleman and be in control of your emotions. Your gentle behaviour will stimulate her emotion and passion on you.
Recover emotionally
You won't have any chance of getting your ex girlfriend back if you are unable to emotionally calm down and control yourself. Women don't like needy, clingy and desperate men - so you need to pull your own life together before attempting to draw her back into it. Just be calm and collected about the whole situation, and make your life happier. When you get back on the right track and see her again, she will enjoy and share the happy moment with you and think about getting back with you because she might not be able to forget the good times when you were together.
Build up confidence
Once your emotional anger has gone, you will repair your mood and get back on the right track. The confidence will come back and your instinctive characteristics and personality will appear again. Because you're a cheerful guy, just because of this breakup, you became gloomy. Women like men cheerful, confident and independent. If you have a chance to invite her out for dinner or coffee, and she feels you still have the personality in yourself, she may like to talk to you and stay a bit longer. If things go that route, then you will have high possibility to get her heart and attention back to you.
Act like nothing happened
It is hard to behave as if nothing happened because you had to get out of your depression. If you have recovered your confidence, your spiritual insider you would drive you act as if nothing happened and your behaviours would look natural. Once this occurred, your ex-girlfriend also gains confidence from you because she loves a man with confidence and the possibility of your reunion might be high.

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