Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Internet Marketing Business Plan

Most people in Internet Marketing never consider an Internet Business Plan, whereas they would do that right away in a traditional business environment.
However, failing to plan is planning to fail. The problem with working on the Internet, is that one jumps from one place to another as one surfs the Internet.
A very simple format for any Business Plan is Background - Strategy - Action.
A good one for Internet Marketing is the following:
1. Go to our site as the best Internet Marketing site.
2. Use Affiliate Marketing - the product from our Internet Marketing site.
3. Produce ideas for establishing conversion statistics for products and Internet publications, Press Releases, Blogs and Free Ads.
1. Sell the product to Customers.
2. Sell Affiliate Marketing products.
3. Write Articles, Press Releases, Blogs and Ads.
4. Conduct an email campaign for those who have visited the site but did not buy.
5. Utilize the traffic sessions to improve the number of people who visit the site.
1. Write the first Article on Tracking IDs and Statistics.
2. Write further Articles, including writing a Business Plan.
3. Submit all Articles to Internet publications for Articles, Press Releases, Blogs and Free Advertisements.
4. Apply results of statistics to fine tune the products and selected publications.
5. Establish a monetary target and timescale to achieve it.

From : EzineArticles/ john k e spencer

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