Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Three Tips Every Affiliate Marketer Must Know To Succeed Online

All affiliate marketers should really look for the market that gives the largest payout. It would be great if it was as easy as plugging a magical formula into a computer to generate income. However, it is not that easy. The good news is there is a proven profitable method for success when it comes to affiliate marketing! This method has been tested for years and continues to work in today's virtual world. Using these 3 marketing tips, you will make more money and experience success in today's online marketing world.
So, what are the 3 tactics I speak of? I'm glad you asked, keep reading to discover success!
1. You must use web pages that are UNIQUE in order to promote the product you are marketing. Saving money on using fewer web pages today could cost you sales in the future. Use individual sites for each individual product...PERIOD! Use the website to show off the product reviews so visitors have a better understanding of what they can expect in buying and using your product. And don't forget to include users testimonials as long as you have their permission to use their words and photos for your webpage. Write articles to highlight the product use and put them on another page of the website. Make the pages visually appealing and include an opportunity for the visitor to act on the information. Use the headline of the article to attract attention to your product and you, the promoter. The headline should focus on the important points and inspire the visitor to read more!
2. Offer your readers a chance to receive a FREE REPORT! Position the offer in a place where it cannot be missed such as the top of the page. Create autoresponder emails that will be sent to those who put in their information into the "Sign-Up" box. Research shows that it takes an average of 7 contacts to close a sale with a prospective client! After all, there are only two outcomes a visitor can make: buy the product or leave the page empty handed never planning on returning. Using email to make contact after the initial visit will keep your products or services on the visitor's mind and will remind them of their desire to purchase the product. Ensure the information in the emails gives specific reasons why the prospect NEEDS the product, but don't sound like you are giving a sales pitch. Focus on how your product can make the visitors life easier and more enjoyable. Use the email subject line to grab their attention. And, whenever possible, do not use the word "FREE" in the email o subject line because some spam filters will send it straight to the junk folder not giving the visitor a chance to read the content. Use this time to convince your visitor who read your FREE REPORT how much they will miss if they do not jump at your product and services opportunity.
3. Target traffic that is looking for your product! If a person who is visiting your website has no interest in what you are selling they will likely leave your site and never return. Target traffic by writing articles and posting them on sites such as the one you are visiting right now! This will allow you to locate your target prospects and gives a better chance of sending traffic to your site who are interested in your offer. Attempt to submit a minimum of 2 articles a week containing 300-600 words. You can target as many as 100 visitors to your site EVERY DAY when you maintain your articles. On average only 1 out of 100 visitors will buy your service or product so imagine what your paycheck will look like if you have over 1000 visitors every day and 10 sales daily (based on the national average)!
Try using these 3 tips on several different affiliate marketing programs. If you do, you have a GREAT chance of thriving in this business which not all marketers are able to do!
Plus, think about the enormous paychecks you will be seeing...

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